Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A lot of you must be wondering.. what the heck? Last post December 2009.. It's like my blog died edi, but not anymore. I am working hard to revive it. It's been 9 months since my last post. Actually i didn't want to update my blog until i saw Jamie's comment. Then i started thinking, maybe it's time for me update my blog.

Well, not much had happened during this 9 months. Life is still kinda bored without those sunway gangs. I've been dealing with numbers everyday and my gf said i have a few white hairs on ma head..OMG!! =O.. so sad.. And i am turning into a nerd..T.T.. I put on some weight and i lost some weight so basically STILL the same la.. Bo bian.. Food is just too tempting for me..=P..

Anyway, guess what..I'm going to Kl this coming October..WAHAHAHA.. feel freaking damn happy la weih..finally i can get to visit Sunway Pyramid, Sunway College, Rock cafe, Orange, White..and most importantly the sunway gang..... but the problem is.. I haven tell them YET.. =DDD

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