Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, September 23, 2010

AHHHHH, finally i reach my room.. I love air con man.. so chilling.. =D.. another progress report was given just now at the tutorial class.. and due week 7. And this time our group have to do a presentation regarding our report.. >.<.. we just started drawing our concepts on a piece of paper and it's not the official idea yet... tsk tsk.. looks like i gotta work harder this 2 weeks before my mid term break as i got 2 assignments both due before the mid term break.. so stressss la..

One of my friend asked me a very interesting question which caught my mind for a while. "Why study civil engineering? Everyday work under the sun, sweaty all the time and not good for your skin.. Nice meh?" "Well, haha.. i am not as smart as others ma.. They study other courses can sit inside air-conditioned room..I bo bian lo.. have to go out and work under the sun. Work under the sun nothing wan la..besides i dislike sitting inside the office for the whole day and i kinda into numbers more than letters =)" i answered.

Basically, i dont mind working under the sun. It is worthy as long as i am happy.. =D

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A lot of you must be wondering.. what the heck? Last post December 2009.. It's like my blog died edi, but not anymore. I am working hard to revive it. It's been 9 months since my last post. Actually i didn't want to update my blog until i saw Jamie's comment. Then i started thinking, maybe it's time for me update my blog.

Well, not much had happened during this 9 months. Life is still kinda bored without those sunway gangs. I've been dealing with numbers everyday and my gf said i have a few white hairs on ma head..OMG!! =O.. so sad.. And i am turning into a nerd..T.T.. I put on some weight and i lost some weight so basically STILL the same la.. Bo bian.. Food is just too tempting for me..=P..

Anyway, guess what..I'm going to Kl this coming October..WAHAHAHA.. feel freaking damn happy la weih..finally i can get to visit Sunway Pyramid, Sunway College, Rock cafe, Orange, White..and most importantly the sunway gang..... but the problem is.. I haven tell them YET.. =DDD

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

9th of December 2009...its have been 3 days since i left sunway.. although i am back...but my heart is still there.. with all friends that i made for the past few months in Ausmat..well.. i dont really remember who i met first because i am having a short term memory lost right now..XD...
let's see...i shall start from the guy who's sitting beside me in the photo...

Tan Zi Haaang...yeah..that's his name..he has a flat nose and a small dick..haha..he is one of my best pals in college.. stay under the same block.. i stayed on the 5th floor and he stayed on the 4th floor.. i still remember those days before WACE..i used to wake him up... he's just like a lazy baby...we shared lots of our gf..."men stuff"..erhem erhem.. its nice to know him..and yea..i wanna apologize for bullying him all the time.. actually i dont wan to..but u r just so nice to be bullied..anyway.. have fun with ur "machine" at penang ya...dont be so guai lan sometimes.. we will meet again..and the next time we meet... i gonna bully u like hell.. =)
Tan Teeeong Guan a.k.a TTG... i remember that i knew him quite early..but i just dont know when..sorry ttg...xD.. well..ttg is sunway's F1 racer man.. always race and speed with kuna.. its quite scary sometimes when i sit in his car..lolx... my advice..ttg ar.. dont speed so much eh.. will endanger your life.. i dont wanna lose a good friend like u.... if wanna race..we go play NFS can edi la..xD... take care man.. DONT SPEED AR..i still wanna meet u next make sure u dont die!! ....
Martin LAaaaauuu~~...martin...i knew him in the very first ausmat's physics class..actually i already forgotten...but martin reminded me... thanks martin..xD...guys pay attention to his surname.. LAU man..LAU... his ancestors 100% sarawakians..wuhu~~.. first time i met him..he was like so quite..but after a few months..omg..its like totally different.. he talks a lot.. tell lots of LAMEEEE jokes.. and always bully kean weng...pity that boner..always kena bully by martin....hahaha... anyway..its nice knowing u man.. no offence but u r the 1st chindian that i know..looking forward to see u..^^
VinnnncenT Liiiiiim....the businessman of Ausmat.. he talks a lot about his business.. its been a pleasure to know..seriously..i like talking to him.. he stayed apartment too...just like me.. but we dont really hang out till the last few months.. he's just so nice to be with..the way he talks can make u laugh like mad... and he also damn good in kao lui... really pei fu and angry all he has to do is to talk for a few minutes..and he has the girl's number..DAMN.. besides that..he taught me lots lots lots of cantonese swearing.. but i not gonna say it here.... anyway vincent.. good luck in your business man..i miss talking crap with u..haha.. i will find u again for sure...
Zyyyu WeeeNN.... this cute little girl has a lot of things to talk about..first..lets start with her voice..she has a loud voice...and i mean damn loud..imagine 3 people are singing inside a ktv box and u can still hear her talking..u can imagine how loud is that?..haha....she likes to give me ting..fei or panda.... i still remember the 1st time she kicked me..outside the sunway library.. it was soo pain...i can barely walk..>.<.. then after that incident..we started talking more frequently.. she also always complain that no boys wanna tackle her..but now she got 1.. congratz ar..haha.. and same as js...jagalah imagine sikit..==..dont talk or laugh so loud leh... later scare that "toto" away o...haha....and dont cry when u cant finish ur food la..ting's not there..nvm...u still can ask ur bro to eat 1 ma..=)
LLLip Yooong .... him ar!!..the smart ass among us.. every subject he get the highest among us... considered as freak of ausmat..haha..jk jk..lip yong got lots of gossip around him leh... dont know why o..haha.. i wanna thank him for fetching me around when i was in sunway..and taught me about Organic chemistry..i hate organic chemistry.. btw..its great to know u man.. i will be make sure u be ready to welcome me....XD
Kaaai siaaanng..ks ar...hmmmm i think i knew him in calculus class..right? or applics class.aiyo..forgot which 1 le..but nvm long as we are friends now..who cares about the past..xD.. ks ar..everyday sms with his dear 1..same as zi hang..but slightly better a bit bit..haha.. i read his rou ma hair all stand up edi..:P... ks is a nice driver man..i feel so safe when i sit inside his car.. but he needs a GPS..==.. always x tahu road 1...its nice to know u man... hope u and ur dear can long long nine nine..xD...
Win Nieeee..the dai ka jie of our gang..always like to help other people..and without saying a word..really pei fu her lo...and she likes i right win nie? cox she always wear white shirt or white trousers to college.. same as zyu wenn..she likes to call me panda and i wonder why...everytime i tell a joke..she's the one who will be laughing the most..why ar? ==...i keep wondering... anyway...i saw her cried that day at sunway pyramid..before we went off...aiyo.. dai ka jie where can cry 1 leh.. must be tough ma..if not ur heng dai will look down on u 1... maybe i will be going back on can meet u la..^^
Keeeean WEeng... the boner of our gang..he's damn hamsap..everyday talk about porn 1..but he's a great gamer..should see how he play geng... can call him sifu le...i know u miss me man..and i miss u too..yuck..we r like take care buddy and the next time i meet u..i hope u wont be so horny again... @@
JuuuEn Seeeern..zyu wenn's retard...hoho..i knew him quite late 1...he is a funny guy la..always do retarded stuff..its nice knowing him man... COD kaki like me also... and we got our own personal record of 16 rounds..wuhu~..yea..i wished i knew u earlier also..then we can go hang out every night..the last few weeks' nights spent with u were awesome man.. hmm..sounds gayish..haha..nvm la.. u r going to monash right? maybe i am going there too.. hope that we can meet again at monash... and we go COD again..miss u man..TaKE care..

wait..there's one more..which is not in the picture..
Annand TOOoooossaaaii..the 1st indian friend of proud of it anand.. wakakak..he is a funny guy..always bully zi hang...and i always laugh like mad when he bullied zi damn funny wei..haha..he normally went out with us at night time coz he always gap lui at shavira...haha.. and he got 1 vry vry vry special feature..he has a big foot..wahhaha..he cant buy new shoes..we shopped for a long time and he still couldnt find his new shoes.. but i bought a new 1..wahahah..annand.....i ejek him for the whole night when i managed to buy my new shoes..he was like so pissed....:P.. anyway..its great to know u annand...i will visit u in penang.. SOON...before 2012..haha

thanks guys for giving me such a wonderful moment at sunway college.. u guys left lots of footprints in my heart and wont be easily wiped out... now we are far apart from each other but our friendship still remain the same.. guys..take good care of yourself ya... u guys must still be in one piece the next time we meet... God bless and keep in touch.. love u guys...

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sorry for not being perfect

tomorrow will be last paper and i will be free~~~~ free from exams......but dun know why.. sth came out from my mind..and i wanna express it out...Ausmat... a shit and hard course.. but it changed my thoughts... or should i gave me 2nd chance.... i was a bad boy... got discipline problem... damn poor results... didnt obey my parents...basically i had all the bad features that parents will not want from their kids...last week i had my 4 papers...i studied as hard as i could... 200 times harder than spm... why? cox i wanna get good results..why? cox i wanna impress my parents...why? i disappointed them too much... i always let them down...i nvr make them proud... not even once.. all my cousins kena jpa...but me... sigh.... when my parents attended prize giving ceremony...they were looking at other kids..who were standing on the stage.... but not me.. i knew how much they wanted to see me on the stage... but i nvr...... sorry mum and dad... sorry for everything i did in the past... sorry for not being a perfect son....

Monday, November 9, 2009

it's gonna end

it's gonna end.. my college sunway life... i am going back soon... and maybe after moral studies i wont be coming back... gonna go somewhere else to continue my study... i guess we all have to face it... 天下没有不散之筵席。。。。

Thursday, October 15, 2009


hmmm.... just came back from movie with zi hang and annand.. i watched Pandorum.. it was nice and scary...haha.. it got me for a few times... zi hang was busy sms-ing with his new found target and keep asking annand about the content after the movie finished and before the movie..i went dinner with them in 1 vegetarian restaurant near pyramid there... the vegetarian mutton LOOKS like mutton and tasted ok... i was hoping that they will have a customer feedback.. i will sure suggest them to open a branch near sunway college...then i will go eat everyday... sure become damn skinny..xD...*dreaming*.... anyway... nothin much had happen today la...SO the night is still young..haha...but on the way back to hostel..i bought ramli burger(beef burger special x mahu mayonis)xD.. dun know why ar.. easily get hungry today... maybe cox of lack of meat during dinner gua....... gotta go to study lo... WACE coming... stress ar!!... my hair is getting lesser and lesser...omg...>.<...